Mission Statement

Legacy Grandparents is a program established by Help My Neighbour Society, a BC Non-Profit. We aim to bridge the gap and enrich the lives of various generations by fostering understanding, communication, and cooperation between multiple generations. With the continued support of our program, we hope to facilitate strong relationships between young people and experienced adults that will enable them to feel connected in an isolating society. In the long-term, we aspire to build a healthy community through intergenerational bonds.

Our Philosophy

We are motivated to make a change because we understand the impact that a positive influence can have on one’s life. Current trends indicate that we are moving away from the intergenerational connections that were once valued, and as a result, we at the Legacy Grandparents program would like to instigate change. We recognize the value of people no matter their age. Experienced seniors hold experiences from their past works and a new perception on life, while upcoming youth possess a fresh mindset and endless potential. These qualities go hand in hand.

Our thinking is straightforward - we want to help others to help others. In doing so, we enable ourselves to be stronger as a society, and blur the once-defined lines that bordered each generation.

Wisdom + Youth = LEGACY