Our Youth Mentoring Program is centered around fostering relationships between qualified Mentors and their Mentees. The Mentees are paired up with Mentors based on their application, where we are able to gain insight into their skills, dreams, hopes, and needs. Due to the nature of the position, all of our Mentors undergo a vigorous screening process, including a background check. In short, our Youth Mentoring Program aims to…

  • Match volunteer youth and young adults who do not have accessible mentors

  • Meet the social and emotional needs of youth and older adults

  • Focus on supporting youth and young adults overcome important hurdles as they start in life, career or business

The Ambassador Program helps us grow our organization by providing events and sessions where we are able to share our mission, and what it is that we aim to do. As an Ambassador, you will…

  • Aim to promote programs at community events throughout the year

  • Focus on the importance of mentor connections, meeting new people, sharing skills, and having a positive impact in the community

Wisdom + Youth = LEGACY