The Legacy Grandparents program was created by Help My Neighbour Society for the purpose of facilitating meaningful intergenerational exchanges. Retired and soon-to-retire boomers (ages 50 plus) are trained as mentors for youth and young adults (ages 13-30). We promote high ethics and moral standards, and we train our mentors to be leaders who raise leaders.

  1. Our site is equipped with amazing tools, like facebook + craigslist + matching site together.
  2. Given the complexity of our website, it needs a little more configuration, and we can not allow individual profiles to be created until that work is finished. 
  3. Meanwhile you can already do the first step of signup, which will actually start your account, having it ready for activation - as soon as we can allow you to create your profile. When you sign up we also get your email address.
  4. Feel free to use our contact form, it works. You can find the Contact link in the bottom right corner of any page. Or you can click here to go straight to our contact page.
  5. Having your email will allow us to send you the application package. We are aiming to start the training for the first group by end of January, if enough suitable applicants are contacting us. 
  6. We could use some volunteers to finish the site work. It does not require any coding, just some configuration and setting up the permissions.
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