Our Purpose

An increasingly prevalent issue in our society is the lack of strong family bonds. Living in a time where face-to-face communication is scarce and deferred to online meetings, many people are beginning to feel isolated and neglected. 

The Legacy Grandparents Youth Mentoring program hopes to resolve this issue by offering a tailored mentoring service to individuals looking to become more involved in their community. In large, our mission statement revolves around positively bringing together different generations in hopes of forming valuable bonds. 

These bonds are mutually beneficial, as they allow for both senior mentors and young mentees to grow.

Mentees are able to benefit from our program by receiving…

  • Guidance through challenges they may face in their school life, their personal life, and their career

  • Help discovering and pursuing their dreams

  • Valuable life skills that they can apply in their future

  • Increased social confidence

  • Empowerment and confidence to make smart decisions

  • Critical thinking skills crucial to their success

The Importance of Mentorship

In today’s day and age, both seniors and youth face very different sets of challenges. 

The youth, for example, struggle to be taken seriously in academic, professional, and social settings; their lack of experience makes them appear as a weak link, where their opinions and strategies are often discarded. Throughout all fields, mentorship helps support against this. In a sense, mentorship arms youth with the skills and experiences that they need to feel more confident. Legacy Grandparents does this by pairing Mentees with an experienced Mentor who can directly provide them with guidance they need. 

Seniors also face a diverse set of challenges as they continue their journey through life. It is becoming increasingly prevalent for seniors to become neglected as they grow older, despite the vast amounts of knowledge that they carry. We hope to make seniors feel more integrated in our society by giving them an opportunity to spend time with an excited Mentee, who they can help achieve their goals.

Mentors are also able to benefit from our program, as they…

  • Experience an improvement in mental and physical health as a result of active community involvement

  • Form strong relationships with their Mentee, enabling them to feel connected to an ever-changing society

  • Have an opportunity to pass down their life skills to the future generation

  • Establish a bond that can last a lifetime

  • Develop a sense of fulfilment and personal growth as they learn more about their Mentee and themselves

Our Philosophy

We are motivated to make a change because we understand the impact that a positive influence can have on one’s life. Current trends indicate that we are moving away from the intergenerational connections that were once valued. We we at the Legacy Grandparents program would like to instigate change. We recognize the value of people no matter their age. Experienced seniors hold experiences from their past works and a new perception on life, while upcoming youth possess a fresh mindset and endless potential. These qualities go hand in hand.

Our thinking is straightforward - we want to help others to help others. In doing so, we enable ourselves to be stronger as a society, and blur the once-defined lines that bordered each generation.

Wisdom + Youth = LEGACY